Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A visit to the Los Angeles Zoo

We traveled into Los Angeles today to take a visit to the LA Zoo. The route took us about 35 miles north of Long Beach through some very impressive traffic! It is hard to imagine 6 lanes of traffic (each way) until you are in the middle of it. Anyway, we arrived with no problem and bought our tickets to the zoo.

This flamingo pond is typical of the lush and cool landscaping throughout the zoo. This is a very pleasant area to walk though and the wonderful animals are almost a bonus.

This beautiful flower (I think it is a Bird of Paradise) really caught our attention. This plant is a native of South Africa.

We also were impressed by the great animals such as this very large tiger. I would hate to see this one out in the wild!

There was a very wide variety of animals including these sheep. The zoo also features quite a collection of birds from all over the world. Still, a large black bear like this one was very enjoyable to see up close.

Finally, what zoo trip is complete without seeing a zebra? The zebra is a very tough and capable animal with very sharp hooves that they use for defense. Still, I think the tiger might have the edge in a contest with one of these.

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