Monday, October 27, 2008

To the Crystal Cathedral - a Fantastic Church

Jerry, Irene , Orinda and I visited the Crystal Cathedral in the Orange area of California. We first saw this amazing bell tower that is over 230' high and is visible from quite a distance.

As we approached, the Cathedral dominated the area and in the early morning light, provided this beautiful double reflection of the bell tower. What a gorgeous building.

We walked to the Visitor area and were warmly greeted by a volunteer staff person who took us on a great guided tour. Our guide filled us in on the history of the Cathedral which is the dream of Dr. Robert H. Schuller, founding pastor of the church. Dr. Schuller started his ministries in this location over 50 years ago at the site of an old drive in movie theater. He began to offer worship services for people in their cars using the drive in equipment and found that this worked very well, particularly for people with health issues.

This picutre shows the ministry in 1957.

Tiems have certainly changed as these pictures show a small part of the inside of the Cathedral which is breathtaking in its size and beauty. We were amazed at the organ pipes in the top corners of the Cathedral. Made up of over 10,000 windows, there is no air conditioning needed in this spectacular structure. Rather, by opening various windows and doors (some of which are 90' tall), temperature control is managed naturally.

Here, Orinda, Irene and Jerry show part of the scale of this vast Cathedral.

One of the most interesting facets of the campus is the extensive artwork that brings famous Bible verses to life. Here, Orinda is next to Moses as he receives the 10 Commandments.

This picutre from the back of the Cathedral shows the size of the structure as well as the new Visitor's Center seen in reflection.

We had a wonderful time at this fantastic facility. Here, our intrepid crew pauses next to one of the many fountains that are located in the Cathedral grounds. This would be a wonderful place to attend worship services!

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