Friday, October 24, 2008

Newport and Laguna Beaches

Orinda and I toured the southern California coast today with Jerry and Irene going through Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. Beautiful places with surprisingly large surf as you can see.

We parked and walked through the town of Laguna Beach. This very upscale town offered beautiful views of the beach and many interesting shops. We enjoyed walking on the beach which consists of a very fine, white sand.

Here, Orinda was thinking about lunch after our challenging walk along the beach and the shops on main street.

Fortunately, there was an outstanding bakery & cafe close by that featured an outdoor deck overlooking the Pacific. Our big question was what to have.

This debate was quickly ended when the dessert tray stopped at our table and we decided to forgo lunch and move directly to the best part of the meal!

As you can see, we were highly successful in enjoying our chocolate mousse which was wonderful.
After our "lunch" we took a tour around town. The hills directly to the east of town are very steep and covered with amazing homes which must cost in the millions. At the top of the hill is a park with incredible views of the Pacific and if you look carefully, you can see Catalina Island which is about 24 miles off the coast.

All in all, we had a wonderful time on this outing and really appreciate Jerry and Irene's local knowledge and efforts to show us around. What a great day!

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