Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Last Morning at Balloon Fiesta -- Spectacular!

We needed to leave today to continue our trip west toward Long Beach and expected to be up and on our way fairly early. However, we realized that it would be difficult to get the motorhome out when most folks were at the fiesta, so decided to drop by the Balloon Fiesta to see what was happening.

WOW -- this was a spectacular day as once again, hundreds of balloons took flight. What was really great was that the balloons were released a row at a time so we could move up and down the field to watch all of them depart. As a result, we were able to watch hundreds of balloons launch over a 2 hour period.

I really enjoyed all the balloons and the special shape ones were really interesting. It is hard to describe the field as all of these balloons are unpacked, prepped, inflated and then launched while thousands of spectators and crew mingle together. I would say it is controlled chaos. Finally, the "zebra" (launch official in a striped shirt) gives the OK to launch and the balloon smoothly rises into the air. Amazing!

The Balloon Fiesta was a wonderful experience and was much more impressive than we expected. I will be sure to return, hopefully many times!

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