Sunday, October 26, 2008

Southern California Concours Auto Show

Jerry Murphy and I went to the Concours Auto show today which was about 15 miles south of Long Beach. WOW! A Concours show means autos in original condition (could be restored or just great original condition) and this show featured exotic cars exclusively which means there were lots of Ferraris, Jags, Lamborginis and the like.

Rick has never seen more than 1 Ferrari at a time and here there are quite a few! Not only are the cars rare and unique, but they are in spectacular condition. I would hate to guess how much these are worth, but it must be several millions of dollars!

This Ferrari had one of the most incredible paint jobs I have ever seen. The paint and body were perfect and reflected my image like a mirror. Amazing.

Murphy has found his next car! He would look good in this nice, red Ferrari. 0 to 60 mph in about 4 seconds which should help him merge nicely in the LA freeways.

Now that is the way to be driven around! This 1947 Rolls was in amazing condition and looked like the day it was built. A wonderful car representing a much earlier time.

Rick found his own favorite in this spectacular Jag XKE which was restored to amazing condition. Everything was perfect including the builder tag, all fasteners and that pristine paint. This was a true labor of love.

While we were looking at the great cars in the show, this little number tooled in. A real Mercedes Gull Wing from the late 50's. This was the first one I had ever seen and Jerry was absolutely awestruck. An amazing car that is still driven, but looks like a showroom example. This was a great way to spend a few hours in southern California.

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