Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I-40 to Long Beach, CA

We left Barstow this morning on our way to Long Beach. I-40 runs directly through the Mohave Desert which really impressed us. The desolate nature and lack of water really yield an unforgettable landscape. It must have been a scary thought to contemplate going across this desert in a covered wagon or on horseback.
I-40 climbs and then drops for several miles and I was glad to have our compression brake on the coach. This kept us from gaining too much speed or having to use the regular brakes so that they overheated.

As we approached the Los Angeles area, traffic picked up dramatically (big surprise!). We were amazed at the number of different freeways that serve the area and the amount of traffic on all of them. This might have compounded by the wildfires that were buring to the north of us. Still, we moved right along and reached our rv park in the Long Beach area. We plan to visit the Long Beach aquarium, the Queen Mary which is berthed nearby, and many of the other attractions in the next couple weeks.

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