Friday, October 10, 2008

TinkerTown Museum -- a true Original!

We traveled a bit to the east of Albuquerque to visit a unique museum called TinkerTown. Created by Mr. Ross Ward, this museum offers something for everyone. There are walls made of bottles, wonderful carved figures, complete miniature towns, and much more.

We started the tour in the eclectic carved town -- TinkerTown -- which has several "suburbs" including a circus, old west town, and many more that come alive at the press of a button.

There were also several old coin-operated machines such as this "one man band" which operated like a very early juke box. What a cool deal this was.

One of the last exhibits was one of the most interesting to me and that was Theodora R a sailing ship that was sailed around the world over a period of 10 years. This voyage is recorded in an interesting book Ten Years Behind the Mast by Fritz Damler

We had a very interesting and enjoyable visit at Tinkertown where one man's hobby grew into an amazing museum.

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