Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Planes of Fame Air and Auto Museum

As we drove up to the Grand Canyon, we passed a small airport with several classic aircraft outside. Naturally, we had to stop and check it out on the way back and found the Planes of Fame Museum . I had to take a picture of the Constellation and then went in to see what they had. I figured I would have to come back later since we had Cody, but lo and behold, dogs were welcome! Cody was thrilled (and got in free!).

This was a surprisingly good museum with many interesting and unique aircraft. We were able to spend a couple hours here and learned quite a bit about the different aircraft. The engine that Orinda is standing next to, powered the huge B-36 aircraft and generated over 3,500hp.

Rick and Cody really liked this WWI fighter homebuilt reproduction. It looked like it was about 50% of actual scale and probably flies great.

This Jenny was magnificent and showed all the components that made up this WWI trainer. The woodworking is outstanding and must have taken many, many hours to complete.

Orinda and Cody also liked the A26 which was in excellent condition.

There was an unexpected bonus at the Air Museum and that was a great collection of classic cars including this 1923 Maxwell which had just been full restored.

This Model T truck was also in great shape, but it looks like Cody is getting tired after his long day. Time for him to head for our coach.

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T.Norberg said...

Love those old planes!