Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crusing the Carribean!

We left Port Canaveral on 5/16, right after Erica and Brian's wedding. We had a day at sea and then arrived in Nassau. We were fortunate to have great weather during most of the cruise and the traveling was great. Here, you can see the view off the Promenade Deck as we moved along at about 20 knots.

As we approached a port, the harbor pilot came out, boarded the Glory (while we were underway), and then guided this magnificent ship into port. Considering that the Glory is 973' long and 110,000 tons, this is no small feat! Here, the pilot boat is delivering the pilot as we approach Nassau.

After a nice day at Nassau and St. Thomas, we docked at St. Maarten island, which is beautiful and offered many shopping opportunities. Here, Orinda and Rick are on the port area to do some exploring.

The Glory was docked virtually in town at St. Maarten which made access very easy. As you can see, the weather is wonderful.

Each evening, the cabin steward would create one of these wonderful "towel" animals, such as this dog. Orinda and I went to the on board class that showed us how to make these fun little mementos. This touch was typical of the excellent service we experienced on board the Glory making for an outstanding cruise experience.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Erica's Wedding on board the Carnival Glory!

Our daughter, Erica, was married on board the Carnival cruise ship Glory on May 16 and had a wonderful day. Here, Orinda (mother of the bride) is standing before the Glory -- a wonderful ship!

We all assembled in the waiting area prior to boarding the ship. The wedding was held before the ship sailed, so everyone could attend, even if folks did not sail. Of course, those of us who were takign the 7 day cruise in the Caribbean were really excited.

Here, the groom, Brian (center), waits with his groomsmen. Looks pretty calm for just before the ceremony.

Brian is joined by his soon to be father in law, Rick (left) and his father Kurt (right). We were sure to keep him distracted as the time for the wedding approached.

Finally, it was time for the service and Rick was able to escort Erica down the aisle to give her away to Brian. The wedding was held in the chapel on the ship which was beautiful.

Man and Wife! The service is over and Erica and Brian Hansen walk down the aisle as a couple. The service was wonderful and the cruise line did a great job in getting everything together.

After the service was over, we had a wonderful reception (great food!) and the cutting of the cake, which was excellent. A great way to end the day and start the cruise.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

At Canaveral Lock near Port Canaveral, Florida

We arrived at the Great Outdoors RV Resort a couple days ago and went down to Port Canaveral to explore the set up for the cruise we will be taking next week. Along the way, we discovered the Canaveral Lock.

This lock connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian River. It is also used to move the solid rocket boosters used by the shuttle back to Cape Canaveral. Here you can see some of the boats using the lock.

One of the neatest things about the lock are the many manatees, fish, and dolphins that you can see. These were amazing!

This guy is waiting for the lock to open and sure enough, he zipped right through with the boats.

Of course, we had to check out the cruise ships docked nearby. This is the Carnival Glory and the Disney cruise ships.

We will be taking this ship, the Glory, next week as Erica and Brian get married on board. Very exciting!