Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Golfing at Palm Creek

Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to play in a couple's golf tournament here at Palm Creek. Since Orinda does not play, I teamed up with Belinda, a neighbor from Canada who lives behind us in their coach, and played. Orinda walked along enjoying the beautiful day.

First, we had to travel from the coach to the course, so used our electric bikes. Rick hooks up his golf cart to the back of the bike as a trailer and tows his clubs down to the course. It is about 3/4 of a mile and a nice ride.

Once we got to the Pro Shop, we signed in, paid our $9.00 green fees (for 9 holes) and did a little practice putting on the very nice putting green. We really like the beautiful surroundings here at Palm Creek and the excellent maintenance that keeps it this way.

Finally, we teed off at the 10th hole to play the back 9. Here, Rick shows how to tee off and hit the ball for the first hole (he hit the green too!).

The couples tournament was a fun event. Both Rick and Belinda teed off, then they had to switch balls and play the other person's drive. So, Rick played Belinda's drive and she played Rick's drive. This lead to some very interesting shots! Fortunately, we both did reasonably well, but there were several exciting moments.

The back 9, known as the Creek Nine at Palm Creek is a part of 18 holes of beautiful golf that is challenging and lots of fun to play. This is the tee box on hole 13, 174 yards over the water and the large sand trap. This is a very interesting hole -- sometimes you do well, other times -- opps!

This is our team during the tournament -- we did well, but placed fourth. Not to bad and a fun day.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Caleb's First Birthday and Visiting around Palm Creek

Caleb turned 1 on Saturday and REALLY liked ice cream with wipped cream as you can see. I think he is wearing about as much as he ate. 

Here he is getting ready for the big party. He can really drink quite a bit, but of course that soon results in a diaper change!

Caleb liked Cody and was really interested in him. He especially liked to pull Cody's ears and Cody did not seem to mind (he is a nice old dog!). 

We did quite a bit of walking around Palm Creek and Caleb liked seeing the many dogs. Here, we say hello to Lilly, a wonderful West Highland Terrier. She is a very friendly dog and likes everyone.

Here is the team ready to go. Rick, Cody and Caleb set for a tour of the park. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Around Palm Creek~

We had some great visitors lately at Palm Creek! Rick took George golfing and Cindy and Caleb helped in the caddy role. The course is beautiful and lots of fun to play, although George learned about the challenge of golf today!

George thought it looked really easy on TV!

Caleb is ready to go. Tiger Woods, look out! 

Here is real trouble. Orinda, George, Caleb, Cindy, Erica and the Wonder Dog, Cody, walking up to our rig.

Golf is not the only thing to do at Palm Creek. Rick and Orinda tried lawn bowling as well. This is surprisingly difficult and interesting since the balls ("bowls") have a built in bias that causes it to break and curve as it is rolled. 

Rick found it fun, but challenging to do well.

We have 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Caleb Arrives at the Coach!

I have been pretty slack in posting to the blog because we have had a great time and been very busy here at Palm Creek. I will try to make up for my poor posting from now on, but no real promises. 

Orinda is one happy camper since we visited Bob and Kum cha today and picked up a very active and happy Caleb! He is doing great and is very busy. He will be staying with us for the next few days and Bob will pick him up again on Friday (and also he and Kum cha will join me for a round of golf). Orinda is very happy to be Grandma and have her grandson over for a visit. Cody and I are second (or third) fiddle for sure.

Caleb is a wonderful little boy that is interested in everything. Cody seems to really like him (and Caleb is thrilled with the dog). I think Caleb will be doted on by every grandmother in the park (and there are alot of them!).