Thursday, October 2, 2008

A day in the Tour and a tour of the Tour

We had a very nice day as we get ready to go to the Balloon Festival tomorrow. Since we will be boondocking (no hookups at all), we took the time to do laundry, clean the coach and just get stuff ready to go. First, however, we drove down to the Santa Fe Railyard area which is undergoing dramatic restoration. One especially interesting item is the Santa Fe Southern Railway which offers train rides in the area.

We thought we might take a ride, but after hearing machine gun fire close by (YIKES!) found out the train was being used in the making of a movie with Steven Seagal called "The Keeper". Anyway, no train ride today!

After returning to the coach, I decided to try out my new waterless carwash called "The Solution" which you spray on, wipe and then dry. This worked quite well, but it takes a while to wax a 40' coach. Anyway, after completing this little task, I thought it might be interesting to tour our Tour motorhome and see how we are living.

We will start at the front of the coach looking toward the rear. On the driver's side, you can see our 4 door refrigerator and then the sofa and my recliner. On the passenger side, we have the kitchen area with the cooktop, dishwasher, oven and sink. You can also see Orinda sitting at the dining table and our living area TV.

Next, is the bath area. Since the walls of the coach slide out, we also have a hallway and closet next to the bath area which is very handy. Finally, we come to the bedroom and laundry closet. We have found that this floorplan works well for us and gives us plenty of living area. I would estimate we have about 430 square feet -- not large, but very comfortable.

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