Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tooling around Santa Fe, New Mexico

We are out and about today in the Santa Fe area. Santa Fe is the second oldest city in the USA being founded in 1607 by the Spanish. Today, it is a booming city featuring a very artistic culture.

Our RV park is OK and close to shopping and other options, so that is great. Our first venture was to have lunch at Joe's Diner -- Orinda could not resist. Unfortunately, we opted for BBQ which was probably not the best choice, so lunch was disappointing. Still, Orinda got to go to a diner which is always high on her list.

We then went downtown to the New Mexico state capital building. This beautiful, round building is very interesting and fun to explore. Orinda and Rick both pondered being members of the House and Senate as they explored the vacant chambers.

Right across the street is the El San Miguel (St. Michael's) Mission Church which was built between 1610 and and 1628 and still stands. This is the oldest church in the United States.

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