Saturday, May 3, 2008

Back to South Dakota

Friday was spent grading projects for class and waiting for the coach to be ready from Licthsinn. We did have a bit of excitement as Cody and I went to visit the Winnebago Surplus store where we found all sorts of treasures. This is really a great spot where you can find all kinds of coach-related parts. Naturally, many are Winnebago specific, but quite a few are motorhome general parts and all are at great prices. Kind of like a garge sale for Rvers! We found a great deal on a Power Cord reel cord system that we could not resist.

Today, Saturday, we headed out on the last leg back to South Dakota. Naturally, we had a heavy head wind, but the coach performed well and we made it to our summer RV park with no problem. We will have a great site for the summer, right on a lake with wonderful views. Today, I saw many white pelicans swimming next to the site. There were quite a few of these big and beautiful birds nearby which makes for a wonderful picture out the coach window.

Currently, we are ahead of the crowd and there are only a couple of RVs in the park. We have the whole place to ourselves, which is great. That will change in the next couple weeks, I am sure.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Visiting Winnebago

The coach was dropped off early at Lichtsinn's who will be working on it for most of the day. So, Cody and I went touring in the Forest City area. Naturally, our first stop was a the Winnebago Visitor's Center. This features an interesting museum on the 50 years of Winnebago along with some very early coaches and an original Winnebago trailer. They also offer free tours of the factory which is very interesting (I did this a couple years ago).

Take a look at the picture showing the electrical boxes -- I could not take a picture showing all of these since there are about 1,500! This is the site for the Winnebago Grand National Rally (which we plan to attend). It turns out that Winnebago is the only RV builder that has their own rally lot -- with electric for everyone. There are also many water outlets, dump stations, etc. Pretty cool!