Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Exploring the Ft. Bragg Seacoast & Drive Through Tree

On our way to the Ft. Bragg area, we saw a sign for the Drive Through Tree and had to stop and take a look. It turns out that this was a very famous tree and we were delighted to drive through the tree which was pretty cool! This tree is 315' tall, 21' in diameter and is 2400 years old! Amazing.

Cody was impressed with the tree but disappointed that he couldn't do the driving through the tree. Here, he is expressing his thoughts!

OK, OK, Cody can pose too! He liked the tree very much.

Once we got to Ft. Bragg, it was lunch time and We went to Capt. Flints, which was a rather plain, but excellent seafood spot. If you ever are in the area, be sure to pay the good captain a visit.

The drive on Hwy 1, also called the coast road, is wonderful. Surprisingly undeveloped, you can see the Pacific Ocean most of the time. It is an amazing site to watch the surf pound into the beach.

Mist drifts in and out of the area, adding to the eerie effect.

During a short walk on the beach, Orinda found out that the Pacific is COLD! I would guess it is about 50 degrees or so.

Finally, look at those trees at the top of the cliff. The wind REALLY blows at times.

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