Friday, July 3, 2009

Visiting Eureka, CA

We have been exploring the Klamath, CA area and decided to go south this day before July 4 and check out the Eureka, CA area. As we left, we noticed that several Golden Bear statues patrol the Klamath area. These life size statues patrol both the approach to town and the local bridge crossing the Klamath River.

Eureka is about 55 miles miles south along Hwy 101 which is a beautiful drive along the Pacific coast. It is the largest town in the area, so we did a bit of shopping and exploring. We really enjoyed the Boardwalk area right on the Humbolt Bay area which is a great place to take a stroll.

One really interesting item is the WWII ship LCI 1091, which was sued in both WWII and the Korean War. This is now a museum ship and is still operational.

The harbor is still a working port with many commercial and private boats around. Naturally, we had to try some of the local seafood, and while the seafood was tasty and fresh, we thought our meal at Capt. Flint's, in Ft. Bragg, was better. We have decided to have a Clam Chowder taste test up the coast of California, Oregon, and Washington!

There is quite a history of commercial fishing in the Eureka area and this large statue pays homage to the past. A beautiful sight.

We also went to the small, but very interesting, Humboldt Maritime Museum, shich also owns the LCI 1091. There were many interesting pictures and items in the free museum and it is well worth a stop.

Much of the area is classified a tsunami hazard zone! In 1964, a large tsunami wave hit Cresent City (about 70 miles north of Eureka), killed 11 people, and caused considerable damage. This was the result of the large Alaskan earthquake. Today, there are sirens that warn folks when conditions are right, so we will be sure to pay attention.

On the way back to Klamath, we passed this rock that contained many sea lions barking loudly! These large animals, as well as the smaller seals, were resting on the rock and swimming around it. Lots of fun to watch.

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