Monday, July 13, 2009

Breakfast at the Hot Rod Grill the on to Newport

Driving on Hwy 101 to the Elk's RV Park, we passed a very interesting diner -- the Hotrod Grill! As you can see, there are classic cars represented all around the building! And, as they say -- Wait! There is more!

What a great seat for a meal -- in a classic Ford, complete with engine.

The next question, How is the Food?? Fortunately, the food matched the decor and our omelet was super. We enjoyed our breakfast here and were ready to head north on 101.

By the way -- that side of a '57 Chevy is the real thing -- it has been literally cut off the car and mounted on the wall.

Newport, OR is on the shore of the Yachina River, which is a major fishing and recreational port on the coast. It is marked by a spectacular bridge, built in 1936 by the CCC.

While we were exploring the harbor area, I noticed this motorsailer was having a bit of a problem. Looks like the old "Not enough water on the keel at low tide" trick. You can look closely at the folks standing on the dock looking at the boat -- bet they are not very happy!The Hatfield Marine Science Center, operated by Oregon State University, is very well worth the stop. We just ran across this while exploring the harbor area and decided to stop and check it out.
Wow -- this beautiful anemone is typical of the wonderful exhibits the Center features. Not only are there many marine specimens, but there is also lots of information on their habitat.

Orinda, always the child at heart, got to check out the touch tank. She liked the spiny urchins the best!

The red urchin's needles will move toward your finger (very slowly) as it decides if your finger is a good thing to eat. Fortunately, this one was not too interested in us.

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