Sunday, July 19, 2009

D River -- the Shortest River in the World!

We moved up the coast to Lincoln City, Or. and stayed at the Logan Run RV park. Nice park, but the sites were not too level, but our automatic leveling system made short work of that. We did a bit of exploring in the area and ran across the D River, which Orinda is standing right next to, here.

Oregon must have a thing on the minimum for some natural attractions. First we were at Depoe Bay -- the Wold's Smallest Harbor. Well, Lincoln City is not to be outdone and has the D River -- the shortest river in the world. You can see the ENTIRE river above, all 120' of it! This river empties Devils Lake into the ocean. In fact, if you look closely, you can see a boat just past the bridge.

Rick and Cody were not about to be left out of this. Rick found a great string of muscle shells and as you can see, Cody is very interested in them.

Cody was REALLY interested in all of these seagulls, but we did not let him give chase (that would be all we would need -- a sandy dog in the ocean!). Anyway, D River (yes, that is it's real name), was an interesting stop!

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