Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Giant Redwoods and Shelter Cove, CA

We stayed in Garberville, CA which is about 200 miles north of San Francisco so we could tour the giant redwood trees in the area. These trees are truly amazing. Orinda and I knew they were large, but we had no idea as to the size. Rising some 250 to 300' tall, they are unlike any tree we have ever seen. Here you can see a "smaller" tree next to the HHR.

Orinda really enjoyed the Avenue of the Giants drive which is about 30 miles of road that meanders through grove after grove of huge trees.

At the visitor center, this log was displayed that showed is was about 839 years old when it fell. Wow, this tree was hundreds of years old when Columbus came to America.

We took the morning to tour the redwoods and then in the afternoon, we decided to take a side trip to Shelter Cove which is on the Pacific. The small town was only about 22 miles away, but on a VERY twisty, narrow road and took us about 45 minutes to get there.

Upon arrival at Shelter Cove, we found this lighthouse that was retired in 1951. While it looks pretty short, it is installed on the top of a 400' cliff above the ocean, so ships could see it well away at sea.

The sea was spectacular! The waves crashed against the rocky coast and was wonderful to watch.

The waves hitting the rocks sprayed up quite a ways, and really crashed in. The spray flew a long ways!

We even saw some sea lions sitting on the rocks around the kelp beds. Beautiful animals. This was a great day!

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