Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Washington Capitol and Olympia

We enjoyed exploring Olympia, the capitol of Washington state. We arrived on a Saturday and had a great chance to tour the Capitol building which is a very impressive structure. The Capitol was completed in 1928 and is in great condition.

This center light fixture (and indeed all the light fixtures) are by Tiffany and are priceless. Further, the dome structure is the fourth largest masonry dome in the world!

Orinda really enjoyed the reception room. This room and the entire capitol, were heavily damaged by an earthquake in 2001. Fortunately, they fully restored it and it is now pristine.

The grounds surrounding the Capitol are equally impressive and offer many monuments and garden areas paying homage to hgihlights in Washington history.

Olympia is located on the south side of Puget Sound and has a wonderful waterfront. Orinda and the wonder dog are at the start of a large boardwalk that surrounds much of the harbor.

We enjoyed walking along the harbor and Rick really liked looking at the many wonderful yachts. Still, he and Cody decided they liked our land yacht better!

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