Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July in Crescent City, CA

We spent a great Fourth of July in Crescent City, CA, a small town in northern California. They really put on a great Fourth celebration here and offered a wonderful parade. As we waited for the parade, we found this huge log in the town square area that weighed some 52 TONS! Orinda and Cody were really interested in this.

Next to the log, was this piece of old, riveted steel. It looked like a piece of a ship's hull and sure enough, in front of the hull was this plaque:

It turns out that the steel was from the SS Emidio, a ship that was torpedoed right off Crescent City by the Japanese in early WWII. There is quite a bit of history in this area.

The parade was great and was dedicated to the WWII veterans, which was great. The parade went on for about 3 hours and really was fun to watch.

After the parade, we drive the Jedidiah Smith tour road, a dirt road that traveled through old growth redwoods. These trees stood well over 300', as can be seen in this photo. WOW!

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