Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Interesting Lighthouse

While in Crescent City, we had the opportunity to visit the Battery Lighthouse. Actually, we were just tooling around when we saw a sign leading us to it and with the caption "Open at Low Tide Only". This sounded interesting and when we got to the lighthouse, we understood what it meant as you can see.

We had no problem crossing over on dry land and the lighthouse was worth the trip. What a view! This is one of the first lighthouses in Oregon and was opened in the early 1870 period.

You can certainly see what a lighthouse was needed. These huge rocks are all around the entrance to the harbor -- imagine how you would feel trying to enter the harbor at night, in the rain, with large waves breaking around. Not for the faint of heart.

This tree, next to the lighthouse, shows how the winds blow. Apparently, winds regularly hit over 100 mph in the winter! It is interesting to see the trees growing away from the wind and hunkering down.

About this time, a sign in the lighthouse window changed and said CLOSED! We thought that was a shame as we were hoping for a tour. Then we thought for a second and realized the TIDE IS COMING IN!

This is the same area that was high and dry 30 minutes ago, but fortunately there was a slightly raised area that we could use to cross. A few more minutes and we would be wading in some very cold water. Clearly, it was time to go!

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