Friday, July 17, 2009

While in Newport, Oregon, we stayed at the Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort which is a beautiful resort right on the ocean. This resort accepts only motorhomes and was very well maintained. As you can see by our site, above, the RV sites are large and very complete. We even got a free newspaper every morning.

There were some beautiful motorcoaches in the park, as you might expect, but there were all types of motorhomes to peruse. The park is an ownership resort meaning that lots were available for sale, but your could simply rent as well.

We enjoyed walking with Cody each evening around the park and especially, near this nice water feature. Notice Orinda in her Pacific Shores jacket (purchased on sale for $10!) -- it was very cool next to the cold Pacific each day and the jacket felt great.

This is the main entry area, office and store for the park. You can see the mist that often moved in from the ocean. Made for great sleeping!

They also get some powerful winds in the area -- over 100 mph in the winter! This tree is typical of many of the trees in the area -- notice that there are NO branches on the ocean side and that the branches that do grow are airfoil shaped. The wind was not a problem when we were there, but the trees offered powerful testimony to the power of the winds on other times.

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