Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Day at Palm Creek and Cody gets in Trouble!

We have been at Palm Creek for about 2 weeks and have had a wonderful time so far. Orinda is shown here checking for our mail at our local box. If we have large packages, we just go to the central mail office to pick it up.

Rick has played golf several times already. The course is a par 3 course, but features several long holes (up to 200 yards), so it is quite challenging. The course is also in wonderful condition and is a joy to play. Orinda was kind enough to model the putting green for us.

This shows the first hole, which is a short 95 yards. This is a bit tricky since club selection is critical. Plus, everyone else gets to watch you tee off!

The club house facility is wonderful. There is a large swimming pool (as well as a couple others in the park) here as well as a complete facility for golf, meeting rooms, etc. We attended Church in the ballroom each Sunday.

Yesterday, Cody and Orinda were home alone for a short time and Orinda had baked some mini pecan pies. Unfortunately, Cody's great nose sought these wonderful pies out and he could not resist and was able to eat the top layer in each pie before Orinda caught him. She was NOT happy!

The culprit, right after being caught. Does not look very unhappy, does he?

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