Monday, November 3, 2008

Indio Motorcoach Country Club

We were welcomed to the Indio, CA Motorcoach Country Club today and look forward to exploring this amazing park. Reserved for class A motorhomes only, the signature feature of this resort is a large man-made lake that runs throughout it. Many of the lots front on the lake and have their own dock.

Here is an example of the docks that are aournd the lake; interestingly, these are made of concrete and are naturally, very solid.

I would say about half of the lots have been built out to include outdoor kitchens, seating areas and the like. These are beautiful areas to look out over the lake and watch the sun set.

Here is our site, with our Tour parked next door to a new Newall, which is a very high end coach. This one happened to be from Alberta, Canada.
I really enjoyed the many flowers and landscaping features throughout the park. There is also a par 3 ggolf course that Rick will have to check out. We are looking forward to doing some more exploring of this park int he next few days.

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