Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crossing the London Bridge -- in Arizona!

We did some exploring on our last day in Havasu, but first, had to have lunch. Orinda found a great fried chicken spot (amazing how she finds these), and we had to stop. This place lived up to its reputation and was wonderful.

We then went down to see the famous London Bridge, but on the way, saw a road runner -- first such bird that I have ever seen. Very cool.

Lake Havasu is a huge lake and is about 45 miles long. The lake is formed by Parker Dam and is beautiful. Most of the shoreline is owned by the state, so there is little development on the shore.

London Bridge is great. This was the actual bridge that purchased in London, dismantled, and then re-built in the Arizona desert! This (and the city of Lake Havasu), were developed by Robert McCulloch, who was quite a visionary in this regard.

Here, Cody and Orinda show us the official London Bridge sign.

London Bridge was built in 1831 and purchased by McCulloch in 1968. It is pretty amazing to wonder what the original builders might think of this.

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