Monday, November 10, 2008

Lake Havasu Classic Car Show

As we drove toward Lake Havasu from the RV park, we noticed many beautiful, classic cars parked at a local Chrysler dealer and learned there was a classic car show going on. Cool -- Rick had to stop.

We were delighted to find some 400 beautiful cars on display. These represented almost all eras of automotive production, but the 50's and 60's seemed the most numerous. This Model T was an excellent restoration and shows how far cars of come over the years.

Rick liked this Buick 88 from the early 50's. This was a car made of real metal and lots of it! The owner had done a great job of restoring it to original condition.

There were also many custom cars of all descriptions. This one had a fully supercharged V-8, air conditioning, and all the comforts of a modern car in a classic body. I would love to know how many hours were invested in this one.

Rick was surprised to see this replica race car. It was very nicely done and looked like it would be a blast to drive. Not many creature comforts in this one! We had a great afternoon at the car show under the usual perfect Arizona weather.

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