Thursday, November 13, 2008

At Robert's Resort in El Mirage, AZ

We arrived at the Pueblo El Mirage Resort last night on our way to have some service done on our coach in Phoenix. This was an interesting place based on their Internet site and we decided to take a look. While this was an OK site, it was not very impressive to us.

We did enjoy walking Cody through the park which has some nice landscaping features. This is near the extensive clubhouse area.

They have about 1,000 sites with about half being devoted to RV stays, but as you can see, we are a bit before the start of season. Still, the weather is wonderful and at the back of each site is an orange tree that was heavy with almost ripe fruit.

We seven saw some Gambel's quail in the development. These were the first I had ever seen and Cody was very interested!

We broke out the bikes and used them to visit the clubhouse and restaurant where we had a wonderful breakfast. They have a full 18 hole golf course in the park which was nicely maintained.

This shows a typical street scene in the newly developed area. We went through a few of the model homes and they were surprisingly nice. Still, I think we will stay with the coach for now!

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