Thursday, November 6, 2008

Last Day in Indio

Wow -- the Romance and Sex life of the Date -- how can we resist? Actually, we couldn't, so stopped at Shields Date Farms to learn about this interesting fruit. Remarkably, some 95% of all dates grown in the USA are grown in this immediate area.
Shields had free samples of many different kinds of dates that they grow right here. I never realized how good fresh dates were and sampled many of them. Of course, we had to purchase some to take back to the coach.

We learned that dates like hot and dry areas like this desert, BUT, they need lots of water. Kind of an interesting requirement in the desert. These trees are all well irrigated and the low humidity seems to be ideal for the growing of dates. The bags you see on these trees hold in the pollen and protect the young dates from rain which can damage them.

Later on this afternoon, we were invited to take a boat ride with our neighbors, Lyle and Marg from Alberta, who have a beautiful Newell coach and volunteered to show us around.

They have an electric deck boat that is wonderful to ride around the park with. There are about 2 miles of waterways to explore and we had a great time. This waterfall is in the golf course area.

Here the boat is ready to go under one of the two bridges in the park. We really enjoyed the flowers surrounding the waterway.

Orinda and Marg enjoyed talking about the area and the beautiful surroundings. We will remember this beautiful park and have really enjoyed our stay.

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