Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A coach wash and touring the resort

The famous photo dog, Cody, said it was time to get him back in the blog! Here he is on our dock in front of the coach surveying his terrain.

We were walking through the park today and saw a crew washing a motorhome. Wow -- did they do a great job! I asked how much to wash and detail the coach and the answer was $50! I signed up on the spot.

There were about 12 guys working together with almost military precision. 3 guys with pressure washers, one on the roof, others on the sides. the rest washed with soft brushes and then dried and polished the coach. They washed the roof, sides, wheels, tires, and the insides of all compartment doors. COOL! They finished in about 25 minutes and were on their way. Great job.

We also took a very nice tour of the resort and looked at some of the lots for sale. This lot overlooked the lake and the wonderful view of the mountains. While we thought the lot was great, the price was a bit steep ($400,000)! Fortunately, there are many lots at much lower prices or for seasonal rental (more our speed).

Some of these lots actually had their own swimming pools on the lot. We enjoyed getting ideas for what could be done on a lot.

This lot was owned by the CEO of Newell Coach company. Interestingly, some 16 Newells were sold in this resort last year! That is about 1/3 of Newell's annual production.

This was an interesting pool/fountain configuration that was very nice.

We liked the lots and the resort, but learned that most residents are weekenders from the southern California area, so things are a bit dead during the week. I suspect this is not a great fit for us for future seasons.

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