Monday, December 1, 2008

Cactus plants of all kinds

One of the very interesting aspects of Arizona is the amazing variety of desert plants -- especially cactus plants. Orinda wandered around our part of the park today (while Rick was chasing the golf ball) and took pictures of some interesting plants.

We are not yet cactus experts and so do not have an idea of the names of these, but they are very pretty to look at.

This is one of my favorites and represents the classic cactus shape to me. These are very rubbery plants and excel at preserving water.

These are beautiful plants and apparently take very little maintenance which is just what is needed. We have to remember that the temperature in the summer is near 120 at times.

I did not realize the wide variety of cactus plants that are available. Some are tall and thin such as the one below, while others are very low growing and thick. These add quite a bit of interest to our daily walks through the park.

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Ron Engelsman said...

Hi Rick,
I just noticed the link to your blog on Hitchitch! I remembered a couple emails from you last year while you were anxiously getting ready to start full-timing. Glad to see you have now been at it for almost one year and it sure looks like you are both enjoying it. Very nice blog.

I also checked out your home sale evaluation spreadsheet. I did similar analysis and came to the same conclusion and have never looked back. But I think your figure for "maintenance" should be a percentage of total home value rather than equity. Also "appreciation" should be a percentage of the homes value rather than the equity.

We're at the Escapees Park in Congress, AZ for a few weeks. If you get to this area stop by and chat. I was at the Gillette rally also but didn't know you were there at the time.

Best Regards,
Ron Engelsman