Saturday, June 26, 2010

A visit to Kaycee, Wyoming -- heart of Outlaw country

Kaycee, WY is located about 40 miles south of Buffalo, WY and offers some very interesting sights into the old west. Naturally, we had to take a look at this!

Once we got there, we were surprised to see the new Chris Ledoux Memorial Park, which had just been dedicated. Chris Ledoux was a world champion rodeo rider and then a country/western music star -- a true singing cowboy! After his rodeo career, he moved to Kaycee and settled on a ranch before his untimely death. This wonderful bronze statue celebrates Chris's life and accomplishments.

Across the street from the Ledoux Memorial is a wonderful museum filled with material from the early west in Wyoming. We were really surprised at the extensive collection including this complete one room school! Orinda was wondering if perhaps the education students received back then wasn't better than some things we have today.

There is also an original claims hut which functioned as a home in the old west. Complete with a dirt floor, this home really gives a glimpse of how folks lived (and prospered!) 100+ years ago. This old coal stove reminded Orinda of a stove that her grandmother used when she was a girl.

This area was a large cattle ranching area and chuck wagons, roundups and cattle drives were the norm. This wagon showed what might be one of the first RVs as it had a stove, sleeping area, and all the comforts of home (and even a wood floor!).

Rick was attracted to the workshop, (of course), and enjoyed looking over the tools that were used on the ranch.

Located near Kaycee is the famous "Hole in the Wall" and the gang of outlaws shown above -- the Hole in the Wall Gang. This group included Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, and more. The Hole in the Wall is still very difficult to get to today and was virtually inaccessible in the late 1800's making a perfect hideout for the gang. Touring the area today, you can still get a great idea of what things were like back then.

The Hole in the Wall is in the Big Horn Mountains -- these mountains! We can see the snow still on these peaks looking west from Buffalo or Kaycee. We are looking forward to traveling through these on our way to Cody in a few days.

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