Friday, June 25, 2010

Arriving in Buffalo, Wyoming

We drove to Buffalo, Wy, which is a gateway to Cody, Wy and Yellowstone Park. Buffalo is a smaller town with a great, western tradition. We stayed in the Indian Campground, which is located close to town and is well maintained.

As we were driving into the rv park, we drove by this little situation -- apparently, the driver with the fifth wheel tried to go through the drive through of this restaurant -- and didn't quite make it. He ended up getting wedged against the roof and had to get a wrecker to ease the trailer away. This also tended to slow down the drive-in business for a couple hours!

Buffalo is a traditional western town and features some interesting stores and buildings. One of the most famous is the Occidental Hotel which dates back to 1880 and still offers great stays, food and drinks.

The hotel has been fully restored and is a beautiful example of the old west. We had a great lunch here and enjoyed eating in the same room where Butch Cassidy, Buffalo Bill and many other western legends also dined.

Orinda loved the ornate saloon area and bar. This is just the way it was over 100 years ago as can be seen in the picture below. Indeed, there are even authentic bullet holes in the ceiling of the saloon. Must have been quite a place back then!

Here is the Occidental Saloon in 1908. Notice the bar, floor and deer mounts -- still the same today!

One very interesting feature of Buffalo is the Clear Creek which flows right though the downtown. We enjoyed walking along Main Street as we crossed the creek.

This mural is on one of the buildings in downtown -- western folks have a great sense of humor!

There are quite a few trees in Buffalo and most of them seem to be cottonwood trees. Wonder how they got their name? Take a look at Orinda and Cody and it looks like they are standing in snow -- actually, these are cottonwood tree seeds!

We were amazed at how much "cotton" was around. Apparently we are hear right at the peak seeding time for these trees. Cody is not sure what to think of this!

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Karen and Al said...

It was interesting to see the before and after picture of the saloon. It looks like an interesting town.