Monday, June 28, 2010

The Jim Gatchell Museum Celebration Days in Buffalo, WY

The Jim Gatchell Museum, located in Buffalo, WY, is a fabulous museum showing how life was in the old west. We were very fortunate to find out that the museum was having their annual celebration complete with period re-enactors. The first booth we stopped at was the Powder River Justice Committee -- no outlaws are going to be around here!

Orinda got to pose with a couple of the members of the Justice Committee and had a great time discussing how the committee operated in the late 1890s. They had a complete arsenal of period weapons on display and were delighted to describe the history of the area.

There were all kinds of tents and folks showing how folks lived in Buffalo in the late 1800's. This blacksmith had a complete forge set up and demonstrated how iron could be made into a variety of needed items.

The blacksmith was joined by another needed function -- doing the laundry! Orinda was VERY impressed with this and is looking at our Splendide all in one washer/dryer with a great new appreciation. Life was certainly much more challenging 130 years ago and I think we are pretty happy not to be living in the good old days!

Buffalo was also the headquarters for the US Calvary that defended the Bozeman trail which came right through here. In fact, the Fetterman Battle was fought just a few miles away in which the detachment under Capt. Fetterman was wiped out by the indian warriors.

Unfortunately, the jig was up for Orinda and the Territorial Prison staff caught up with her! This is a real prison paddywagon that served the territory and is now part of the Gatchell collection. Riding in this certainly seemed quite a bit more basic when compared to a modern police cruiser!

We even spent some time with this charming lady who showed us how to ride side-saddle. I don't think Orinda is ready to trade in our HHR tow car for the equestrian mode anytime soon, but this was neat to see.

We were also pleased to see a wide variety of wildlife. This pronghorn was typical of the many we saw as we drove around Buffalo. They love the wide open spaces and can run literally for miles! Our stay in Buffalo was great and we enjoyed the western hospitality of the folks in the area. We will certainly come back.

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MargieAnne said...

What a piece of good luck to be at the museum on a celebration day.

It certainly makes you think when you see how time has brought so many changes as taken much of the 'hard work' out of everyday chores.

I do enjoy reading about you travels and the interesting places you visit.