Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Sioux Valley Model Engineers Society in Sioux Falls -- COOL!

While set up in the Sioux Falls Fairground, Rick saw a sign advertising a Model Train Open House at one of the buildings on the grounds. Of course, he was drawn to this like a magnet and it turned out that the Sioux Valley Model Engineers Society, a local model railroad club, has a wonderful layout in one of the buildings.

This is an incredible model railroad with many, many tracks, outstanding trains of all types and excellent workmanship. The layout features a number of local areas and it was fun to look for all the small dioramas, such as this small construction scene, that make up the large layout.

This picture gives an idea of the scope of the railroad and shows about 1/4 of the entire layout. Rick was very impressed at the level of completion of the pike and with the beautiful hand-laid track.

This shot shows a part of Sioux Falls in past times with the water tower and loading dock. The structures are well painted and weathered and look like they are quite old.

Here is a view of the station as a passenger train hustles by on it's run. Notice the rock retaining wall below the train which is typical of the high level of craftsmanship displayed on the railroad.

You could almost smell the smoke as steam locomotive 909 blasted by as it moved a pong train of coal cars to the steam plant. This was a great visit and I would certainly recommend dropping by if there is an open house while you are in the area.

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