Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Iowa 80 Truck Stop -- WOW!

We traveled west on I-80 as we entered Iowa and soon saw the Iowa 80 Truck stop -- the largest in the world! Of course, Orinda had to see this!

This is an incredible truck stop with over 800 parking spots of large trucks -- and yes, even some room for a motorhome! There is just about anything inside that you might need -- including a doctor, dentist and barber.

There are even several great restored trucks inside the store area that Rick was very impressed with. Of course, Orinda thought this was pretty nice as well.

Here is a 1931 Ford that looks like it is ready to roll. In addition to the trucks, there are all kinds of things to looks at in the store such as truck accessories, all manner of food items, and lots more.

Cody waits for us like this--it sure seems that he is worried! Or, perhaps he is just tired and catching up on his sleep. Either way, he does not look like much of a guard dog!

Our next stop will be Sioux Falls, SD where we will park for a couple weeks and catch up with friends in the area.

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