Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Air Force Museum - Dayton, Ohio

Orinda and Rick recently visited the fabulous US Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. This is the largest air craft museum in the world and is truly amazing -- plus, there is no charge for admission! The museum is structured chronologically and starts with the birth of flight, and of course the Wright Brothers (who lived in Dayton). This WWI example is from the same museum area.

The SPAD WWI fighter was state of the art in the 1918 period. It is amazing to see how fast the aircraft developed in the 15 years that followed the Wright's first flight.

Moving right along, this P-51 illustrated the WWII era. There are hundreds of aircraft displayed and it is almost impossible to really see all of them (and read the many displays) in one visit.

The Sabre Jet fighter was a cut-away model and Orinda was amazed at all the components under the skin. You could certainly see how every inch of space of was carefully utilized in the plane's design.

Rick was astonished by the main landing gear of the huge B-36. This is the largest wheel ever used on an aircraft and was so big, that the plane could only land on a couple of special runways. The gear was re-designed (you can see the newer design on Rick's right which solved this problem).
Fighters of the modern era were of course displayed as well such as this fearsome looking craft. There was even a new F-22 Raptor displayed. This is a great place to visit and learn about the Air Force, aircraft and the amazing folks who flew them.

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