Sunday, June 13, 2010

A rainy, but fun day at Automania in Sioux Falls

The Classic cars took over the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds on Saturday and it was a blast to see all the outstanding cars on displays. This early 50's Hudson was in excellent condition.

There were many restored classics and probably as many hot rod conversions in attendance. This rod was beautifully converted and featured a hot 350 V8 that sounded great. I suspect it has a "bit" more power today than back in the 30's.

This Ford had a real flathead V8 -- well customized as you would expect. You can see the rain on the hood reflecting off the perfect black paint. I bet that the owners were cringing to see their beautiful cars in the rain.

This '47 Lincoln was outstanding. This car looked absolutely new and was really cool to see.

After looking at the hundreds of cool cars outside, Rick went into the auction area where cars were being auctioned off. There were cars ranging from great condition to "ready to restore" and needing a tow to the auction block. This 62' Caddy caught my attention and was in pretty good shape. Unfortunately, I don't think it would work well as a dingy to tow behind the motorhome -- heck, it was almost as long as the coach!

This is an early 50's Crosley pickup and as you can see, is TINY! Powered by a 44 cubic inch engine (yup -- 44), this little truck could get over 55 mpg. This was the first one I had seen actually running and it looked like new. Great job!

This was a great combo! an original Mini towing a period fiberglass boat. These date from the early 60's and were fun to look at. Perhaps he brought the boat incase the rain continued!

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