Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stupid Car Battery and Stupid Jumper Cables!

Just because we fulltime in our RV does not mean we don't face those little frustrations that occur from time to time!

We came out from a quick coffee stop and hopped in the car in a light mist. Rick hit the key and --- a sad clicking sound emitted from under the hood. Whoa -- a dead battery??? How could that be as we just drove the car from the coach?  Rats -- but at least we won't be late to work (retirement is great)!

 Fortunately, this gentleman offered to jump us off and Rick had his jumper cables ready to go. So, we connected the cables and with great expectation, Rick hit the starter -- and nothing! Hmmmm.... We tried several more times and wondered if there was some other issue. However, it sure acted like a dead battery. Then, the helper said he had some cables, so we tried those and bingo, the car started. Great -- not only a dead battery, but also dead jumper cables.

 Fortunately, there was a Les Schwab outlet just down the road and they confirmed that the battery was shot. They had the right size in stock and replaced the battery in short order, but Rick was still wondering what happened to the jumper cables. 

 Back at the RV park, Rick took the cables apart to take a look. It looked like they were badly corroded.

Further inspection showed that was the problem, but how could the cable corrode in the trunk of the car? Then, Rick recalled the infamous trunk leak, reported on this blog back in April. Turns out that the jumper cables had been in the bottom of the trunk and really got soaked when the trunk leaked. It never occurred to us to check that after Rick fixed the leak.

 Fortunately, this proved to be a simple repair and Rick was able to use the other leg of the clamps to re-attach the cable to a clean surface. While we hope we don't have another dead battery anytime soon, at least we will have jumper cables that should work now.

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