Monday, July 2, 2012

The Southern Oregon Coast -- AMAZING!

 The Oregon coast is a remarkable place and is one of the most beautiful places we have been to. The coast has been protected for much of the state and Highway 101 runs along it so that you have almost constant contact with the ocean.

 While there are many miles of beach, the water is very cold and only the very hardy (or those in a wet suit) swim. We also loved the rapidly changing sky - it would be clear one moment, and then cloudy/misty right after.

 The hills/mountains seem to run directly into the sea and frequently the road runs from sea level to several hundred feet and back. Some of the frequent viewpoints along the road gave us outstanding views where we could see several miles.

 The huge rocks that dot the coastline are called "sea stacks". You can get an idea as to the size of these by comparing the people strolling on the beach with the "stack" behind them.

The coastline takes on very different aspects as the tide changes and the stacks become surrounded with water. Many of the stacks area are also home to thousands of sea birds. 

 What a team! Another great day of enjoying a cup of coffee, cruising the coast and checking out the ocean.

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