Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oregon Coast Historical Railway Museum in Coos Bay

 On our way into Coos Bay, OR, we passed a steam locomotive in a railroad museum next to Highway 101. Of course, Rick was delighted and was able to park the motorhome right in front of the museum! This locomotive, the 104, was the star of the display and Rick learned that it was built in 1922 by the Baldwin Locomotive Company and spent its entire working career right here in Coos Bay.

 Rick was able to climb into the cab of the 104 and imagine himself as the engineer. The 104 was used to haul 50+ railcars of lumber through the area and was one very powerful steam locomotive.

 The museum also has several other interesting exhibits, including this unique Steam Locomotive Crane that the museum just acquired. The crane was mounted on a flat car and used along the track bed. Today, it is in several parts, waiting to be restored.

 Here is the crane boom, next to a couple of cabooses. It will be fun to come back in a couple years to see this huge crane back in operation.

 Rick was able to go through the green Burlington Northern caboose, which is still in the basic condition it was when it was in use. Today, cabooses are no longer used, but back in the day, this was the "office" of the conductor and brakeman.

 Here is an interesting item (at least to Rick) -- a wheel driven generator that provided power to the caboose while it was underway. This would certainly add to the comfort of the train crew while they were making runs.

There is also a small collection of railroad items in the office area. One item that was particularly interesting is this collection of glass insulators that were used on telegraph and electric lines. We recall seeing these on all the power lines years ago and it was fun to see these items from the past.

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