Friday, July 20, 2012

A visit to Florence, OR

Florence, Oregon is a few miles north of Coos Bay and was our next stop on our Pacific Highway tour. Florence has a very nice main street with quaint shops and restaurants. 

 The Siuslaw River runs next to town and offers a wonderful area to stroll next to the water. We had a beautiful, clear day and fully enjoyed it. although we found out later that clouds were the more common condition.

 The Art Deco 1936 Siuslaw River Bridge is another beautiful Conde McCullough designed bridge along the Pacific Coast Highway. These arched bridges have performed great work for 75 years. 

 Here is what is left of the dock of the ferry boat that was replaced by the new bridge. 75 years of weathering has reduced this dock to a few pilings, but you could still imagine traffic moving across the river on the ferry.

Some large ships operate in the area and Rick was immediately impressed with this Navy type anchor that was on display next to the restaurant that we ate at.

Orinda noted that this was a BIG anchor! 11,000 pounds of iron should hold most ships that we have seen!

The Florence waterfront was a great place to stroll and explore. We were fortunate to have great weather and a great lunch to boot! Great day all around.

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