Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Searching for Bigfoot Along the Chetco River

We followed the Chetco River out of Brookings on the Carpenterville Road and in just a few miles, we entered a real wilderness that was beautiful with heavy forests and the beautiful river.

 A few miles out of Brookings is the Loeb Myrtlewood grove of trees. These trees range northward from this point and take over from the redwoods of just a few miles south.

This area is very lush and things grow everywhere! The myrtlewood trees are well covered with moss and the ground cover is very thick. Just goes to show what a mild climate and lots of rain can produce!

Some of the moss is so thick that it actually makes strings that hang off the trees. We felt like we were in the jungle here since the brush was so thick. 

Orinda was really impressed with this small tree that is growing right out of the trunk of a larger one. She figured that in this place, even she could successfully grow plants!

Of course, this is the home of bigfoot, at least according to local legend. The brush was so thick, who knows? Anyway, we kept an eye peeled for the big guy, but must have missed him in the woods.

This is a beautiful drive, but once again, this road was by no means a nice, easy drive! Orinda thought this was just a nice driving test for Rick, who was delighted NOT to be in the motorhome (once again!). 

The Chetco is a beautiful river that is about 56 miles long. Apparently, this clean river is the home to migrating salmon, but we were not here at the right time for that. 

 Orinda was not too surprised to find that the water was very cold, so there was no swimming today! During high water, this gravel bar will be totally flooded, but now, the river is well mannered and runs smoothly toward the ocean.

A very interesting drive, close to town, yet way off the beaten track!

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