Monday, July 23, 2012

On the Way to Newport and Pacific Shores RV Resort

Highway 101 winds its way north around the coast and most of the road is in good shape. However, the road is pretty narrow at points and Rick had to stay focused while driving the coach. Still, it was no problem. 

 There are many great vistas along the road, even in the very common mists that seem to be the normal state of the weather here.

Located just north of Newport is the Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort, which used to be an Outdoors Resort. The Outdoors Resort component is no longer active, but the lot owners association is now renting lots directly to travelers. 

We rented a lot that gave us a direct view of the Pacific Ocean and we could hear the surf pounding in to the beach below us. Our site was very nice, with great hookups and parking. 

This is the view from our site and the windshield of the coach. Absolutely beautiful and a very unique opportunity for us, which we really enjoyed. 

 This is the shrub at the corner of our site and you can see that the prevailing winds must come from north as we noted from the way the tree grew. We learned that winds of over 100 mph blow in the winter -- and we are glad we will not see that!

 This is a beautiful RV resort, with a very nice clubhouse, manicured grounds and a great location. We really enjoyed our 3 day stay here and would certainly come back if in the area.

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Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful rv resort. Glad you stayed there and shared pictures. We were not Outdoor Resort members when we traveled through that part of Oregon, so we missed it then. Good Blog!