Monday, June 29, 2009

Visiting the Jimmy Doolittle Air Museum at Travis AFB

We found that the nearby Travis AFB is home to the Jimmy Doolittle Air Museum and of course, Rick had to take a look. This free museum is super and has a great collection of aircraft and related components. Additionally, Travis hosts some of the heavy lift service of the Air Force and as evidence, Rick got to stand next to this C5A transport engine. WOW -- this thing is massive.

Here is a fully restored WWII B-29 that is very impressive. If addition to this aircraft, there is a complete section on the restoration of the plane which was quite a project.

We enjoyed the large, outdoor exhibit area where many different aircraft are displayed. Many of these are in the air lift category (the B-52 could also be called an "air lift" platform I guess!) which are often not seen in museums, so this was quite interesting.

Inside, there is a wide range of exhibit, including a complete room on the Doolittle Tokyo raid which was fascinating. There are many hands on exhibits as well, so Rick got his chance to "try on" this jet trainer! He was ready to give it a spin!

Finally, there was a room featuring engine of the past and current times. In addition to the huge C5 engine above, there was this WWI Liberty engine. In its day, this was a marvel of engineering and Rick really liked it!

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