Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hart Ranch and Following the Oregon Trail

We stayed for three days at the very nice Hart Ranch RV Park located near Rapid City, SD while we had some work done on the coach. Hart Ranch is a membership park and we took the very low pressure (and interesting) marketing tour which actually looks like a good deal if you would be in this area for a couple months each year.

After leaving, we headed south on SD 85 into Wyoming where we drove to the Oregon Trail Wagon Ruts (see,_Wyoming) in Guernsey, WY.

Orinda and the Wonder Dog are getting ready to hike back to the actual ruts.

This accessible area is fascinating and well worth the stop. There is a paved walk up to the preserved ruts which look like this:

Yes, these ruts are actually worn down into solid rock! Apparently, several hundred thousand travelers came through here and their wagons literally worn down the rock.

Here, Cody shows how deep these ruts actually are -- they are several FEET deep. Imagine how many wagons it took to wear this down like that! We remarked that we have a bit easier time of it in our coach!

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