Sunday, June 28, 2009

Exploring Vacaville, CA -- with factory tours!

We had a wonderful time exploring a couple of local factories that offer tours -- the Jelly Belly jelly bean company and the Budweiser brewery! First, Jelly Belly!

Here is one of the excited kids getting ready for the tour. Note the spiffy hat that we had to wear as we took a very interesting, free tour. Wow -- I had never imagined so many jelly beans!

Not to be outdone, Rick shows how good you can really look while wearing this nifty head gear. I am ready to see how the confectioners get it done. The tour was about 45 minutes and really described a rather complex process.

AHA! Orinda is done with the tour and has her reward -- free jelly beans! Plus, they make high-end chocolates, so we had to try some of those as well. Good stuff!

Rick says enough of the candy already. Let's go just down the road to the large Budwesier Brewing facility.

While they were not packaging the beer today (they were in a regular cleaning mode), we still got to see the large facility and see how they can fill some 1,800 bottles of beer a MINUTE! Wow, that is alot of beer.

This is where the beer is brewed. There are 120 of these huge vats where the beer is brewed and aged. Orinda is holding up the beechwood chips that are used in the aging process. Fortunately, Rick was able to get a couple samples of this too!

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Anonymous said...

So, Orinda, if you're in Vacaville, you're only 30 minutes from the city of Orinda--are you coming for a visit? If you do, check out our great library!