Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cody and the Tortoise and Rick Hooks up the Car

Cody, the Wonder Dog, is a great retriever. He loves to pick up his pillow and bring it to anyone coming to the door of the motorhome. Still, he thinks of himself as the great hunter and recently, had the chance to prove it.

On one of our walks around the RV park, we came across a land tortoise and Cody was VERY interested! He had never seen such a critter before and wondered what it was.

The tortoise was not very worried at all and kept eating his meal of fresh grass. You can see Cody's interest in his expression.

Finally, he had to sniff the shell and was amazed when the tortoise's head withdrew. However, after a couple of licks and sniffs, Cody decided that this was not something he could easily retrieve and we walked on.

Shortly thereafter, we hooked up to head out on our journey. Rick is hooking up the car (a Hyundai Sonata) which is really an easy task. Click in two pins holding the tow bar arms to the car baseplate, connect the saftey cables, electrical wires, make sure the car is in neutral, and you are ready. We also us a braking system in the two car to assist the motorhome when braking.

We have also added a deflector screen that Rick is connecting now, that keeps road debris from hitting the car. This seems to work very well and is easy to connect.

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