Saturday, May 19, 2012

Visiting Tunica, MS - a trip into the past.

We traveled from Nashville, TN to Tunica, MS, which is just south of Memphis. This area experienced a large investment in casinos a few years ago and we wondered how the area had developed. This is the new town square of the nearby town of Tunica. 

The small town had some interesting sights, including this log cabin which dates back from the 1840's. While it had been moved several times over the years, it reminded us of the many advantages we have living in our coach. 

Rick saw this police car in Tunica and had to take a picture. How many 1957 patrol cars do you see on the streets? We also got a kick out of the car number -- 54, which brought back the old TV classic -- Car 54 Where Are You?

Close to the town is the Mississippi River and Rick wanted to take a look. This year, the river is a picture of calm water with house boats moored out from the ramp. However, you can see the measuring stick in the center of the shot that shows the river level -- last year, the water was well ABOVE the entire stick! 

 After seeing the river and flow measuring stick, we were not surprised to see many of the dwellings around the river have been raised on posts to try and keep them above the flood stage. We did wonder how this mobile home was lifted to this position about 10' above the ground.

While the local area did not seem to indicate that an economic boom has taken hold as a result of the casinos, the RV park we were in (Harrahs) was very nice and very reasonably priced ($15 a night). We enjoyed the couple of nights we spent here, but found that we were quite a ways away from any shopping or other attractions.