Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Quick Repair on our Progressive Surge Protector

Four years ago, when we began fulltiming, we installed a Progressive Industries 50 amp Surge protector on our coach. Since then, we have had several occasions when the surge protector saved us from low voltage or power surges, which has been great.  

A couple days ago, we plugged into our RV site as normal and suddenly heard a loud buzz than a pop from the surge protector. The display on the protector showed normal voltage, but displayed an error state. 

Rick called the Progressive Industries support line and was delighted when a knowledgeable tech asked him to pull the cover off (after unplugging the coach!) and checking the main circuit board. 

Sure enough, the board showed a distinct black mark (lower right corner) showing where the failure had occurred. The tech said that would be no problem and they would be happy to ship a new one out -- since our unit has a lifetime warranty! Rick was really pleased at this news since he had forgotten this point since it was purchased. Further, they shipped it to the next RV park we were visiting and it was waiting when we arrived a couple days later. 

As an aside, Rick also learned that even with this failure, the protector was still operating and only the display was having a problem. This is one robust surge system.

 Here is the nice, new board ready for installation. After a quick replacement, the protector once again performed perfectly. We are very impressed with the Progressive Industries product and their support!

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

That is good service! Glad it went so well:)