Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Lane Car Museum -- Part 2!

One of the remarkable points of the Lane Car Museum are the unique vehicles that are on display. For example, this mid 1920's BSA three wheeled car is one that Rick had heard of, but never saw. Apparently, the three wheels approach was to avoid about half of the very high tax levied on 4 wheel autos in Britain during that time. 

Speaking of unique cars, how about this Tatra from the late 1950's? Made in Communist Czechoslovakia, this large car was considered to be a real luxury vehicle and as a result, only top Communist leaders were seen in them.  

Orinda says this is more like it! I wonder if she is thinking we could sell our 43' motorhome and live fulltime in this spacious rv! Here, she is standing next to the kitchen area, which made us both appreciate our coach!

 In the 1920's there were still a number of experimental ideas in the car world. One of the more interesting idea was the propeller car, a couple of which are seen above. These were actually used on the road. although apparently they did not perform well. How would you like to be a pedestrian crossing the street when this baby zipped by?

 There were a few motorcycles of bygone days, but Rick found this one to be especially interesting. This is actually a motor bike -- a Schwinn bike with a Whizzer motor mounted on it. Popular in the 1950's, these could get 100 mpg!

Of course, there are many more vehicles around, and almost all of them are in running condition. That includes this amphicar seen here that could go 55 mph on land and much slower in the water! You can tell this car is from the late 50's from the fins on the back!

We enjoyed the complete collection of MG TDs and similar early sports cars from Britian. While these are small cars, Rick had the chance to drive one of these and can attest to the fact that the steering is very heavy -- it take quite a bit of strength to turn that wheel.

Finally, what car museum would not have a VW Beetle, like this 1956? Rick has restored a few of these and loves 'em! This one is also equipped with air conditioning (which Rick is pointing at) -- well, actually this is a "swamp cooler" which is an evaporation cooler. Fill it up with water, drive down the road and the evaporating water cooled the car -- sort of!

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